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Becoming a Landlord – New Course for Ontario – Start next Spring!

New “Landlording” in Ontario Course

‘Landlording’ isn’t a verb but it ought to be. It’s everything from finding an income-generating property and managing its financial viability to protecting the landlord against tenant abuse and government bias, setting up property legal and accounting structures, embracing the power of digital management, and extracting value to finance the next property acquisition.

Christopher Seepe, commercial real estate broker of record, president of the Landlords Association of Durham for years, author, speaker, well-published writer, and owner of several multi-unit rental properties, has created ‘Landlording in Ontario,‘ a 42-hour in-class course for would-be and first-time investors, realtors unfamiliar with commercial investment properties, and existing small portfolio real estate investors looking to increase their property value and maximize their return on investment.

The course includes over 20 digital tools to manage and make better-informed investment and property management decisions including a highly-refined, proprietary investment analysis spreadsheet, a robust rental application form and agreement, Seepe’s list of important commercial investment APS clauses, and much more.

The class, limited to 18 students, features significant individual hands-on personal computer time working with the spreadsheet analyzing many current real-life ‘what-if’ scenarios to determine financial viability (money in your pocket), prospects of financing an acquisition with today’s very tough lenders, and implications when refinancing later at a higher interest rate. Other topics include whether to be a landlord, understanding what capitalization (cap) rate is and isn’t, getting past the financing clause, avoiding the eminent danger of over-leveraged properties, empowering technology to maintain a fully-functioning one-person operation, understanding MPAC’s new multiresidential tax assessment methodology, structuring thousands of property-related digital and paper file folders, dealing with troublesome tenants and the Landlord-Tenant Board, collecting rents fast with no NSFs, creative alternatives when obstacles arise in traditional financing, uncommon methods to increase equity and value, and extracting value to finance the next property.

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About Chris Seepe:

● Commercial real estate broker of record specializing in multi-residential and retail investment properties

● Owner and hands-on operator of five multi-residential investment properties (totaling 43 units) … and growing

● 5th year as president of the Landlords Association of Durham

● Well-published in several national real estate print magazines with many articles on investment and ‘landlording’ topics, plus two TV interviews

● Regular guest speaker and panel member for real estate-related events including local government initiatives like the Hoarders’ Coalition and the Smoke-free Multiresidential Owners Group (SMOG)

● 35+ years in I.T. marketing before entering real estate. Built software publishing company from $16,000 investment to $10 million sales in six years, resulting in Initial Public Offering and winning the Canadian Government’s 1996 Canada Export Award

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