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Green Energy – Geo-Thermal Heating and Cooling

When it comes to greening the bottom-line, Eric Lange, President of Lange, knows where to look, from embracing energy efficiency, installing renewable energy and engaging his employees in sustainability, Lange has become a leader in eco-business.

When Lange moved into a 30-year old, 70,000 sq. ft. building in Mississauga, the natural gas bill was $5,600 a month. To lower these costs, Lange installed a geothermal system, that utilizes the constant temperature of the Earth to heat and cool their building.

“We’ve taken a number of very serious steps to reduce, reuse and recycle at Lange Transporation including installing the first retrofitted geothermal heating and air conditioning system on a 70,000 square foot building and office complex. Basically what that means is that we took a 30-year old building and proved that you can achieve immediate savings by totally reducing the need for fossil fuels to heat and air condition.”
Eric Lange, President

The process consisted of burying pipes that allowed heat to be transferred between the Earth and the building – heat is brought up to the surface in the winter and pumped back underground during the summer, allowing for both heating and cooling of the building.

At Lange, the process was complicated by the size of the site – instead of being able to do all of the piping horizontally (which is cheaper), Lange had to drill 28 holes 360 feet into the ground, raising the price of the installation to $560,000.

However, for the next 20 years, Lange will no longer receive a natural gas bill and has reduced its carbon emissions by 158,000 tonnes.

About Lange
Founded in 1986, Lange is the only North American transportation and logistical management company devoted entirely to the trade/consumer show and special events market. Lange’s services include project management, transportation, materials handling, floor management, storage, and equipment rentals.

Address: 3965 Nashua Drive, Mississauga, Ontario
Phone: (905) 362-1290

About Partners in Project Green
Partners in Project Green is a partnership between the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Peel, Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, and is overseen by businesses from around Toronto Pearson.

Through new forms of business-to-business collaboration, Partners in Project Green delivers programming that helps businesses reduce energy and resource costs, uncover new business opportunities, and address everyday operational challenges in a green and cost-effective manner.

If your business is in the area Partners in Project Green supports and would like to figure out how to start saving money, connect to financial assistance programs, or learn about the other ways Partners in Project Green can help your business, visit

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Installing the pipes for the geo-thermal system

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