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New Leaf™ Folding Wall technology that doesn’t get in the way!

By DIRTT Environmental

Ironically, workspaces often impede our best work. Stick-built, fixed-in-place construction means the office you spent so long designing to take you into the future is now holding you back. And how could it not? Everything from employee demographic demands to technology is changing every minute of every day. To say nothing of changing regulations, new opportunities and whatever the political winds are blowing your way.

The LEAF Folding Wall in Action

So having a physical space ready to react to whatever comes, can be a handy ace up your sleeve.

For instance, what if you need a war-room some days but two brainstorming rooms other days? An accordion wall made with thin material actually hurts more than it helps. Yeah, you can’t see the other people in the other room, but you sure can hear them. Plus, it really, really looks like an accordion.

DIRTT, the integrated prefab interior company, just developed a solution for that. It is still in its prototype stage, but it is looking very promising already.

Due to the non-generational nature of the DIRTT components, they’ve been able to retrofit a regular DIRTT wall to switch over to being an operable wall. While closed it looks like a permanent wall. Then with one click and one hand, it smoothly slides open.

Folding Wall Stowed

Acoustically it is superior to other solutions in this field and aesthetically it keeps a professional air about the place. It also protects your initial investment in your space by being open to repurposing itself back to a solid wall should you prefer.

The system is being called Leaf™. Watch this video to see it in action.

For more information on the DIRTT Leaf™ Folding Wall please visit their site.

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