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Top Regional CRE Agents and Brokers:

As an advertising member of our Agent/Broker Top Properties program you will also be enrolled in our CRE Professional Services Directory.

Your CRE Professional Services Directory profile on Monster Commercial will help to grow your upstream and downstream network connections and visibility!

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You also have our Top Properties program is simple in that the more you promote and keep any of your Top Properties up to date, current and, the more you expose what you have the more likely you are to gain views on Monster Commercial.

The more views your properties generate the more likely your properties are to end up on the first page of your regional market providing you with more and better exposure!

The more views your properties receive the more likely you are to appear in our first page of our new Top Agent page for your market; providing you with even more exposure. Limit of 50 Agents/Brokers per Region or Sub Region!

The more our visitors are looking for relevant agent representation with your skill sets description and experience, the more likely you are to appear at the top of your category in the CRE Professional Services Directory for your regional market!

That’s how you can become a Top Agent on Monster Commercial in your regional market!

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Cost is $1,095 Today for 12 months…, plus HST where applicable.

For any additional information, please email us with your inquiry or request and we will get back to within 1 business day.

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