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What’s with the name Monster Commercial?

Open Letter to CRE Professionals

Why the name?

Firstly; the name may sound odd for the rather conservative business of commercial real estate. When coming up with the name, we first considered it as a name that would be recalled easily and thus make it easy to find again. And secondly, a name that encompassed the industry as all inclusive for agents/brokers, properties and information – a lot of valuable information in one place! With links to more…

For CRE Agents and Brokers

Why did we create Monster Commercial and what can it do for you…!?

Each of us creates our own success, when we work for a large or small organization or, on our own.

Marketing our skill sets, abilities and our accomplishments takes place in many ways and the better at it you become, the more value you can bring to yourself and those you serve.

The Monster Commercial Top Agent/Broker and Top Regional Property programs are focused  solutions to help agents and brokers generate exposure for themselves and their properties based on what they have, are actually representing at the time and in their market. It’s a solution that allows you to take some control of marketing yourself no matter what your corporate affiliation is and what they offer you as marketing support.

At the end of the day; you are what you make of yourself and in the ever so complex world of search optimization and social media – it’s great to have one solution dedicated to helping you achieve your fullest potential in your market for what you have to offer – Monster Commercial

A key component to our growth plan is to gain the participation of agents/brokers in regional markets both in Canada and the United States; support your exposure, provide information relevant to all things commercial real estate…while increasing the audience of tenants, investors and property managers looking for information…and CRE Professionals

We look forward to your support of Monster Commercial while we grow…

Please provide any feedback you think we should hear to help you accomplish more!

Thank you,

Michael Seebeck

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