AVI-SPL Canada | Digital Workplace Solutions Provider

AVI-SPL Canada | Digital Workplace Solutions Provider

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35 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B3, Canada
AVI-SPL Canada | Digital Workplace Solutions Provider
AVI-SPL Canada | Digital Workplace Solutions Provider
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AVI-SPL Canada | Digital Workplace Solutions Provider

35 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B3, Canada


AVI-SPL is much more than an integrator of audio-visual and collaboration solutions for organizations of all types around the world. We are also their strategic partner, one that can guide them through the process of workplace transformation.

Global provider of transformative tech innovations & services inspiring vibrant, collaborative experiences vital to our customers’ future success.

AVI-SPL is a global technology services provider with offices across Canada

AVI-SPL is the only digital workplace services provider to offer 24/7 help desk support through its global service operations centers. Utilizing its innovative Symphony software, AVI-SPL's managed services team proactively monitors and manages its clients AV and unified communications technology with real-time analytics to improve workplace collaboration and enhance the meeting room experience.

Our designers and engineers assess a customer’s current capabilities, take into account where they want to be, and provide the customized solutions and services that reach that goal.

We partner with the most innovative communication technology providers so that our clients have access to advanced, secure, and effective AV and collaboration solutions. Those solutions power the communications for many of the world’s successful companies. One testament to the quality of our work: we can call 85% of the Fortune 100, our customers.

Services and Solutions:

Video Walls

Video walls and their arrays of high-definition displays are often the centerpiece in various environments: college campuses, retail stores, meeting rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, cinemas, hotels, sports bars, airports, and houses of worship. Their applications includes aesthetic enhancement, information sharing, and interactive functions that engage customers to explore environments, clothing options, and a company’s suite of services and products. When you decide to “go big or go home,” you need a partner that understands the effects that non-full-motion video content, and temperature targets across displays.

Workplace Trends
Adoption rates for video walls is increasing as costs become more budget friendly.
Interactive displays in restaurants and retail stores are attracting users who have a comfort level with the technology, giving them an experience that they can control.
Video walls aren’t just being used to convey information through digital signage. The array of configurations they can accommodate allows them to be used as works of art.
Corporations are using video walls to set themselves apart by promoting their brand message. LG has excellence resources on how its displays can be combined to elevate your corporate identity.
Shift to OLED allows for video display arrangements that suit your content and engage viewers.

AV Systems Control and Networking

We program your AV control systems so that you can find available rooms, identify their AV resources, and quickly activate them to start your meetings.
We also strive to streamline the management of your room systems. When AV communications and other building systems are networked to a central control room, failures and glitches can be instantly identified, addressed, and remedied. You can better understand how your meeting rooms are being used, what resources are being connected, and identify the system’s most active users.

AV management systems can also reduce the maintenance costs associated with the equipment they control. Digital equipment glitches can be handled by remote troubleshooting or with a reboot of the device from a remote location.

Large Venues and Auditoriums


You want to bring people out of their homes and into the seats of your performing arts center or stadium. And to do that, you need the AV systems that complement the performers and enhance your event. Some of these systems include high-definition video walls, advanced sound systems, streaming video, and live broadcast capabilities that help create a memorable experience for guests.

Additional information

Service Area: National with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver


AVI-SPL Monitors and Manages Your Global Meeting Room Experience


35 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B3, Canada
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