Northern Dock Systems | Doors, Docks, Fans, Energy Efficiency Solutions and Electrical Service

Northern Dock Systems | Doors, Docks, Fans, Energy Efficiency Solutions and Electrical Service

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
Northern Dock Systems, 415 Ambassador Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2J3, Canada
Northern Dock Systems | Doors, Docks, Fans, Energy Efficiency Solutions and Electrical Service
Northern Dock Systems | Doors, Docks, Fans, Energy Efficiency Solutions and Electrical Service
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Northern Dock Systems | Doors, Docks, Fans, Energy Efficiency Solutions and Electrical Service

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
Northern Dock Systems, 415 Ambassador Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2J3, Canada


Northern Dock Systems; industry leader in the sales & service of dock levelers, dock seals/shelters, industrial doors, HVLS Fans, air barriers and overhead door service. Our core values: improving safety, productivity, and reducing energy consumption

Building a business in 2001 based on honesty and integrity has allowed us to gain a reputation within the industry as an innovative company that partners with their customers to offer expert consulting advice geared towards developing strategic and highly customized full-scale solutions to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

Where we are today

In addition to our top-notch product line-up, our service technicians and staff are some of the most experienced in the industry. Our fleet is equipped with over 30 trucks including service and installation with boom cap that allow us to tackle even the toughest installation, preventive maintenance and electrical tasks. Our office staff, management and technicians work together, communicate frequently and utilize the latest technology to provide seamless customer satisfaction across all levels of the organization, offering services across Canada. By building a honest, fair, and consistent organization, Northern Dock Systems is able to offer some of the most professional installations and high-quality products backed by industry-leading warranties.

Find the right solution for your industry

Northern Dock Systems is an industry leader in the sales and service of energy-efficient products including: HVLS Fans, air barriers, high-speed doors, dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, and other equipment. Recognized as one of Ontario's top energy-saving partners, we're dedicated to offering versatile savings solutions across all industries for customers who strive to reduce energy consumption, lower expenses and take advantage of rebates. Our consultative approach helps develop strategic, customized full-scale solutions to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency for your business.

Saving energy across Ontario with Air Barrier Rebate Programs:

Since 2010, Northern Dock Systems remains committed to helping every organization become more energy-efficient while enhancing safety, productivity and operational efficiency—that’s why we were recognized by Enbridge Gas Distribution as a leading contributor towards commercial energy-saving solution programs in 2015.

Air barriers (air curtains) continue to be one of our most sought-after products, creating a strong environmental separation between two areas with different climate zones that’s proven to yield numerous benefits including increasing safety and indoor comfort.

Over the last few years, major natural gas companies in Ontario have incentivized local businesses become more energy-efficient through Air Barrier Rebate Programs in conjunction with Northern Dock Systems. Each year we continue to expand the number of local businesses that have reduced their natural gas consumption and started saving money, in addition to providing a quick return on investment.

We’re proud of the positive impact we’re making to local businesses and our planet through our Commercial Air Barrier Rebate Program and Retail Air Barrier Rebate Program—check out some of our statistics below to see the difference we’ve already made over a three-year span.

Energy-saving solutions:

A leading facilitator of energy-saving solutions

Northern Docks Systems is an industry leader in the sales and service of energy-efficient products including HVLS Fans, air barriers, high-speed doors and dock seals and shelters. We’re proud to be recognized by Enbridge Gas Distribution as a leading facilitator of commercial energy-saving solutions and rebate programs.

Book a free energy audit

If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money, Northern Dock Systems’ consultative approach will help you maximize your return on investment. We’ll start off by conducting a needs assessment to learn about your business, its operational requirements and budgetary constraints and provide you with a comprehensive energy solution report that outlines immediate areas of improvement and calculate estimated annual savings for your company.

We’ll also work with your local utility companies to determine if there are any energy rebates you might be eligible to receive in addition to ongoing energy savings and include them in your report. Find your customized energy-saving solution by contacting Northern Dock Systems or read more about the advantages of our energy audits.

Equipment installation services:

Our installation service offers a complete solution for all product types including most competitor models. Let our trained technicians do it right the first time.

Trained professionals

The Northern Dock Systems team is trained at our Mississauga headquarters on all equipment including competitor products.

Dedicated installation team

All installations are performed by trained professionals from a dedicated installation team.

24/7 availability

We work around your business schedule on weekdays, weekends or after hours, working with you to minimize delays.

New construction

We’ll work alongside your Architects and Engineers to achieve high quality results within your time frame.

Nationwide service

Equipment installation services are available nationwide for all products in the industry.

Relocation services

Expanding your facility or moving locations, the equipment install team can relocate any product into a new area or building location.

Electrical services - Northern Electric:

We are proud to be licensed by the ESA to offer commercial and industrial services in Toronto and throughout Canada with a full team of qualified Electricians. Ask your Project Manager about how Northern Dock Systems can assist on your next project for overhead doors, loading dock equipment and more.

Licensed electrical professionals

The electrical services team is highly trained and licensed to ensure work is completed correctly and to code.

24/7 availability

We work around your business schedule on weekdays, weekends or after-hours. Our goal is to work with you to never cause delays at any time.

Decrease downtime

Ensure your facility is operating at top speed by preventing avoidable issues with indoor or outdoor equipment.

Preventive Maintenance Program to minimize inefficiencies in industrial equipment:

About the Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

Great for root cause discovery and first-time fixes

Northern Dock Systems’ Preventive Maintenance Program provides specific, multi-point inspection checklists to minimize inefficiencies and downtime in your equipment. We do our due diligence so you don’t have to sacrifice the well-being of your employees.

24/7 emergency services decrease prolonged equipment downtime:

Requesting emergency services has never been easier

Our dedicated emergency service team is here to help ensure your business is working safely and efficiently 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us toll-free at 1 (866) 601-1758 or email us at and convey your service needs to our one of our dedicated department personnel. Ensure your business is back up and running as soon as possible by getting in touch with us today.

New construction and design:

From concept to completion

Northern Dock Systems has a dedicated construction department to turn your designs into reality. From research and design to tenders and project management, our team will recommend the right high performance industrial equipment based on your specific needs. We're more than just a dock and door company–we're a solutions-based company with national reach. We're also proud to be recognized as a leading contributor towards commercial energy solution programs.

Browse through our project portfolio to get an idea of the full-scale solutions we provide to our customers, including:
• Maximizing energy efficiency.
• Lowering ownership costs.
• Contracting services.
• Receiving future facility support.
• Working within your budget and schedule with fully licensed personnel.
• Turnkey installations.
• Canada-wide construction services.

Solutions By Industry:

Industrial solutions

Enhance worker productivity and remain at optimum operational efficiency with durable, high impact products for manufacturing and commercial spaces.

Retail solutions

Make customers browse inside stores for a longer period of time by enhancing indoor comfort. Prevent contaminant infiltration and increase energy-efficiency to meet corporate social responsibility goals quicker.

Cold storage solutions

Keep your products cold without sacrificing employee comfort or workplace safety. Combine the temperature separation power of our energy-efficient products and receive significant energy rebates.

Pharmaceutical and food manufacturing solutions

Cleanroom and food manufacturing products provide airtight seals and are easy to clean, preventing any bacteria or other contaminants from sticking to surfaces.

Automotive solutions

Increase throughput and reduce energy consumption with high-speed operators, sleek high performance doors and other products that create a better indoor environment for employees and customers.

Agricultural solutions

Create cool, comfortable temperatures for farm animals to prevent sickness and increase productivity. Maintain great air quality to keep produce fresh and healthy, reducing spoilage.

National services and product installations from coast-to-coast in Canada

Scaling locally, delivering national impact

Offering flexible pricing and service options to enhance your operational efficiency and safety while staying within your budget.

With over 15 years of experience in the field, Northern Dock Systems has consistently delivered prompt and professional emergency services, equipment recommendations and proactive Preventive Maintenance Programs to companies throughout Canada.

Standardized process: We provide an easy to follow, standardized processes across all your Canadian operations for consistent service and installation support.

Single point of contact: A dedicated National Account Manager will be your single point of contact to oversee all projects.

24-hour support: Round-the-clock emergency phone support is available by calling our toll-free line: 1-866-601-1758.

Working within your budget: We offer detailed invoicing and expense tracking with asset management, outlining every product and service per location.

Optimized workflow solutions: Our National Services team utilizes SAP, Officetrax and Centah software to enhance your customer experience with us by optimize workflows.

Quality control inspections: Thorough quality control inspections are frequently done at random to ensure all technicians continue to deliver great service.

Local dispatch zones with fully equipped trucks

Zoned dispatch locations: Saving you money

Northern Dock Systems uses zoned dispatch locations across Canada. Using zoned dispatch locations allow technicians to reach your site faster during emergencies, preventing prolonged downtime and unnecessarily high travel costs.

Fully equipped vehicles: The red truck does it all

Our service vehicles are fully equipped with all the tools needed to complete any on-site job from start to finish. In addition, each technician is equipped with a full, online reference library that includes product part numbers, service manuals and troubleshooting guides for all Northern Dock Systems’ and competitor’s products.

Security Gate Solutions:

Security gates

Four-Fold security gate

The Four-Fold security gate is a trackless folding gate system ideal for perimeter security access. Four-Fold gates require very little maintenance while providing high-cycle durability and protection even in the harshest conditions.

FAAC swing arm barrier gate

The swing arm barrier gate uses a raised, programmable keypad to provide controlled entry onto any property. This barrier gate features a fully protected control cabinet and is customizable to suit your specific driveway design and functional requirements.

Additional information

Service Area: Greater Toronto Area & Locally Dispathed Service Across Canada


Northern Dock Systems


Northern Dock Systems, 415 Ambassador Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2J3, Canada
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