SensorSuite | Making Buildings Smarter

SensorSuite | Making Buildings Smarter

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
1650 Dundas St E, Suite 200, Mississauga, Ontario L4X 2Z3 , Canada

SensorSuite | Making Buildings Smarter

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
1650 Dundas St E, Suite 200, Mississauga, Ontario L4X 2Z3 , Canada


SensorSuite® has created a cloud based digital building assistant that brings high-end building automation features to small and medium sized property managers including Multi-Family properties.

SensorSuite® Inc. is a real-time sensor intelligence platform that connects managers to their buildings and the machines within. We reduce operational risks and improve the performance and efficiency of machines. We are an energy management and cloud analytics platform that empowers executives and managers to extract more value out of their assets, space, and equipment; and make more informed decisions.

Our Solutions

Introducing SuiteHeat® v2
Your Portfolio's New Secret Weapon

You know SensorSuite® Inc. as an affordable, easy-to-use cloud based energy solution that makes any building smart. With our complete suite of energy management IOT solutions, we create a digital building assistant bringing high-end automation features to small and medium sized property facilities. With our wide array of smart energy solutions, customers feel confident, knowledgeable and supported every step of the way as they evolve their property management business.

Monitor and Control The Electric Baseboard Heaters
in One Building or Your Whole Portfolio

SensorSuite’s revolutionary system provides you with the tools and hardware to monitor and manage the energy usage of your tenants in real-time.

No more cold calls, or open windows in the winter.

Retrofit Your Buildings With SensorSuite
With SensorSuite® Control Your Electrically Heated Baseboard Buildings With SuiteHeat v2 From Anywhere On Your Smartphone Or Desktop.

Set Minimum and Maximum Temperatures for Each Apartment

Limit heating in the winter, reduce cooling during the summer and setback night temperatures remotely. Setup alerts for your building or specific suites. Customize who gets which alerts, from anywhere in the world.

Manage All Your Buildings' Thermostats in One Place

SuiteStat™ is a thermostat management solution for commercial and multi-family buildings from SensorSuite®. Built to optimize savings and comfort, effortlessly.

The SuitStat® and SensorSuite® energy platform provides the power of cloud based thermostat management software for multi-site businesses. Reduce energy consumption and improve visibility into energy usage to ensure consistency across your portfolio from anywhere, anytime.

Real time alerts with an intuitive interface to provide visibility at a glance and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. Adjust HVAC settings across hundreds of thermostats in a few clicks.



Improve efficiency through online scheduling across all sites, automate demand management across different geographical areas. Stay on top of energy management with energy performance reports for individual sites or the entire portfolio. Customize alerts and notifications to your facilities and ensure things keep running smoothly.

Take Control of Your Boiler Systems with BoilerLink

If you're looking to decrease your natural gas consumption, using SensorSuite's boiler control applications will result in an average savings of 15-25%. This estimated savings is based on real data we collected from SensorSuite controller units installed in low-rise apartments, high-rise apartments, and commercial buildings.

SensorSuite offers a variety of off-site monitoring and remote-control options to help building managers and HVAC technicians monitor properties at any time, from any location by web or mobile.

Managers are able to deal with emergencies and/or make changes immediately without the inconvenience of having to be on-site.

SensorSuite's controller is able to send text messages and email notifications to a variety of recipients. Managers and HVAC technicians can set alerts for any number of scenarios and events.


SensorSuite's controller is programmed to respond to any number of events and scenarios, which would usually require a visit from a building manager or HVAC technician. These on-site visits are now eliminated, allowing building owners to save time and money.

In cases where a problem or event still requires the personal attention of a manager or HVAC technician, they are able to connect to the controller remotely (using the various remote-control interfaces mentioned above: direct, web and mobile), monitor and make adjustments as needed, thus solving the problem from an off-site location. The cost for an on-site technician visit is eliminated and the entire problem-solving process is quick and incredibly efficient.

SensorSuite's controller is economical. We know that small apartment buildings operate on tight budgets. The cost to implement a SensorSuite controller in your building includes a modest set-up fee and an affordable monthly monitoring fee. Alternative pricing structures are also available.

Many businesses find that SensorSuite's controller saves so much in gas costs that the operating costs pay for themselves out of the 15-25% average savings. Our clients include small apartment buildings, smaller hotels and schools that have installed our controller without affecting their budgets.

Control Map For Numerous Properties
It's very likely that your boiler is operating at a temperature that is too hot. By providing you with accurate analytics and statistics in real time, SensorSuite allows you to save energy, save time, save money and reduce operational risks.

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1650 Dundas St E, Suite 200, Mississauga, Ontario L4X 2Z3 , Canada
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