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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
40 University Avenue, Suite 1200, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1T1, Canada


Triovest is a fully integrated commercial real estate advisory and capital firm. Our approach to commercial real estate investment and management is to continually seek opportunities to improve and enhance properties to achieve their full potential.

Our private equity platform, Triovest Capital, manages investment vehicles across the risk spectrum on behalf of investors and strategic partners. Triovest Realty Advisors provides strategic investment and property management services for income properties on behalf of institutional and private investors.

Triovest combines the strategic insight, range of service offerings and specialized capabilities that come from managing a Canada-wide portfolio of top-quality commercial real estate with the agility and local market expertise of a regionally focused boutique firm. For the firm’s clients, this best-of-both-worlds situation is supported by Triovest’s total commitment to service excellence and a well-earned reputation for value creation and superior returns.

Our Vision

Triovest will be recognized as the entrepreneurial leader in institutional real estate driving superior returns by combining local intelligence with deep expertise.

Our Mission

We create sustainable places that enhance communities and enrich relationships.

Our Commitment Sustainability
A Systematic, Four-Part Approach to Achieve Sustainability Leadership
Triovest has a clear approach to integrating sustainability across our operations, in both the way we manage our business and our assets:

Triovest uses the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Real Estate Assessment as a compass to orient our sustainability initiatives, benchmark ourselves against our peers, identify best practices, and address gaps in a prioritized manner. Triovest is committed to respond annually to the survey.

Seeking different perspectives on internal and external priorities helps our organization refine business strategy, identify trends and improve communication. Regular, ongoing engagement, based on open dialogue, supports informed business decisions and fosters an environment of trust and shared enthusiasm for positive change.

Reflecting our sustainability priorities, which include issues identified in our Materiality Matrix, our first organization-wide Sustainability Roadmap will communicate roles, responsibilities, key performance indicators and targets. The scorecard component will play an essential role in measuring and improving our sustainability performance.

Reporting in a public, transparent manner motivates continuous improvement and promotes engagement with our employees, clients, tenants and other stakeholders. Our 2014 Sustainability Report Materiality Matrix was our inaugural report and we plan to report annually.

With Board and senior leadership team support, our cross-functional Sustainability Steering Committee plays an essential role in shaping our strategy and guiding our implementation and engagement-related initiatives. In addition to producing tangible benefits for our company and those we directly touch, we aim to positively influence the real estate industry through engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Property Management
Creating and building value
Triovest oversees the property management of a diverse mix of retail centres, office buildings, industrial warehouses and mixed-use properties across Canada. At Triovest, our philosophy and strategic approach is that property management is an integral service, which, when effectively executed, strengthens the financial security of an asset and provides long-term value appreciation. This is achieved by developing strong tenant relationships in a well-maintained building through effective capital planning and contract management.

As property managers we are trusted with ensuring we protect and enhance the value of the properties we manage, now and for many years to come. Because of our attention to detail, whether it’s ensuring the needs of each of the tenants are met or knowing the intricacies and mechanics of the building components are catalogued and maintained, our clients trust us to enhance the financial and physical performance of each of their buildings. Triovest’s property managers play a key role in helping to meet our clients’ strategic investment objectives.

Strengths and Services
Ongoing tenant communication
Timely response to tenant service requests
Detailed annual budgeting and capital planning
Five-year capital planning
Competitive contract management
Construction expertise
Diligent site and building maintenance
In-house certified building engineers
Marketing and leasing programs development
Retail trends analysis: evaluation of markets, property intensification and tenant mix
Accounting and finance
Best-in-class client reporting

Asset Management
Helping properties achieve their potential
Every day, across Canada, Triovest works hard to add value to its clients’ properties and portfolios. We have offices in all of the country’s top real estate markets, as well as contacts and relationships that stretch from coast to coast. We can see the big picture and the street-level details – trends, risks and opportunities – and we have the experience needed to turn information into actionable insight.

At Triovest, we understand the markets, and because we’re service focused not deal driven, we know our clients – their organizations, their cultures and their people, as well as their strategic goals and risk appetites. Our advice, whether it’s to develop, redevelop, sell or explore alternate options, is always well tailored to meet their needs.

Strengths and Services
Outstanding record as a fiduciary
Anticipation of trends in vacancies and valuation drivers
Collaboration with clients and keeping a strong focus on cash flow and maximizing value
Strategic guidance on capital and leasing value creation
Hold/sell analysis and recommendations
Property and portfolio reporting

Investment Advisory
Matching client needs with real estate investment opportunities
When it comes to delivering growth and dependable returns, high-quality commercial real estate is an unsurpassed investment vehicle. Triovest’s mix of national scale, local market expertise and deep real estate experience gives us an edge when it comes to sourcing, evaluating and executing on acquisition opportunities.

Our focus on service and understanding our clients’ needs also means that we only pursue acquisition opportunities that are a good fit with their strategic priorities.

In addition to helping our clients make smart acquisitions, we have an outstanding record for advising our clients on making smart dispositions. We help them with marketing, connect them with the right buyers, support them in negotiations and work to get the maximum value for every sale – whether it’s an individual property or a national portfolio.

Strengths and Services
Combination of national and local market expertise
Record for sourcing acquisition opportunities before they come to market
Sourcing of opportunities that meet our clients’ real estate investment requirements
Detailed underwriting with value recommendation and acquisition strategy
Negotiation and structuring of complex transactions
Management of due diligence process and closing execution

Building opportunities from the ground up
Planning. Permitting. Financing. Construction. Leasing. Triovest can manage every aspect of development to build value for our clients. Regionally and nationally, our team has years of combined experience in developing retail, industrial, office and mixed-use properties. We also have strong relationships with top builders and developers across Canada. We can manage every aspect of a project or we can work with local partners – whatever best meets our clients’ needs.

Strengths and Services
As a development manager, we coordinate all aspects of the development process to ensure timely delivery and cost control:

Procure all municipal and other governmental approvals
Manage the design process
Liaise with all tenants throughout the development process
Prepare all reports, surveys, studies, financial projections, analyses and budgets
Tender, negotiate, manage, supervise and administer all construction contracts
Triovest can also act as a development monitor, applying the above skills, in a fiduciary role with local development partners.

Leasing Services
Leaders in leasing services
Whether it’s identifying real estate trends such as tenants’ evolving expectations around services and amenities, or larger mega-trends, like the shift in requirements for work environments, Triovest has an edge. Our combination of national scale, local expertise and market contacts keeps us informed and ahead of the curve. It also ensures that we’re always aware when it comes to monitoring rents, occupancy rates and other key market indicators.

Armed with this knowledge, as well as our strong relationships with brokers across Canada, we can develop industry-leading marketing programs. It also helps us target potential tenants – we go to them, instead of waiting for them to come to us. And when the right tenant is found, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to negotiate lease agreements that work for them and our clients.

Strengths and Services
We make it easy. Our website and in-house team make it simple to market, find and review leasing opportunities
Good relationships and positive experiences draw national-scale tenants to Triovest-managed properties
Connected to brokers across Canada
Outstanding marketing support
Deal negotiation
Offer and lease negotiation
Tenant inducement
Financial and credit analysis
Documentation management and lease administration

Our Goal: Sustainability Leadership
We know where we want to be longer-term, we have a plan to get there, and we know what we need to do next.

Triovest views sustainability as the business management of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. Sustainability performance ties into financial performance, directly and indirectly, in both the short- and long-term. To deliver the longer-term risk-adjusted returns that our clients and shareholder expect, we need to manage performance at all levels. The bar keeps rising: clients, tenants, employees, and society as a whole are increasingly well-versed in sustainability matters and expect public transparency and performance. We are committed to exceeding expectations and influencing positive change in the real estate industry.

The business roots of our owner, Coril Holdings, trace back over 100 years. Our group’s values-based foundation has served them well, and we are confident that this approach will continue to cultivate long-term success at Triovest. Our Core Values of Teamwork, Results, Integrity and Own It lie at the heart of who we are and how we act, and they align perfectly with our sustainability strategy. To excel in sustainability is no different from excelling in any other part of our business: what gets measured gets managed.

Through our sustainability strategy and commitments, we expect to realize four key benefits:

Create healthy, inspiring and innovative workplaces for employees and tenants alike
Attract and retain the best employees, clients and tenants
Deliver superior real estate investment performance through decreased operational, reputational and financial risks, and an increased access to opportunities
Influences positive change
Triovest has a dedicated team of industry professionals who are invested in our progress and are driving results. We welcome your interest and support as we work with partners and industry to improve performance and take practical steps towards sustainability leadership.

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