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Is it better to own or lease my commercial space?

In today's low interest rate environment, many occupants of office, retail and industrial space may ask themselves, Would it be better to own rather than lease my space? While financial aspects play a major role in this type of decision, there are other qualitative variables that also need to be considered. Read More

Custom Designed Prefab Workspaces Increase Flexibility and Add Value

Custom prefab brings true across-the-board wins - for the developer, the builder, the owner, the design firm, and the end user. Read More

New Building Technology with Zero Waste

A new building technology platform is emerging that is changing the way homes, multi-residential and light commercial buildings are being built. Read More

4 Ways Every Business Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Executives want to conserve energy to lower utility expenses, participate in demand response programs, and, of course, to help the environment. The only problem is that they’re not willing to sacrifice the company’s efficiency. Read More

Leasing Commercial Space Tips Breach and Termination

A commercial tenant may obtain injunctive relief to restrain a breach of the covenant for quiet enjoyment by a landlord. Read More

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