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About 360 Energy

360 Energy, a North American leader in strategic energy management, providing comprehensive energy efficiency and procurement programs, GHG mitigation and innovative energy solutions for 25 years.

With clients across the continent and in a variety of sectors, our team of seasoned professionals has the industry experience, market knowledge, and expert insight to customize our services to meet your needs.

Recognizing that effective energy management is an ongoing process, we constantly revisit and revise our approaches to ensure continuous improvement. With superior customer service, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to improving bottom-line performance, 360 Energy consistently strives to exceed client expectations.

We are dedicated to improving our customer's profitability and environmental performance. All athletes benefit from a coach. Whether starting in the Little Leagues or competing as a professional, any team benefits by having an expert at their side. A good coach helps amateurs improve, and pushes elite athletes to perform at their best. Coaches bring their expertise, guidance, and resources to the task, enabling athletes to achieve their goals. Reaching the top of the podium takes time. Likewise, we see excellence in energy management as a journey. On this journey, 360 Energy is your energy coach.

With 360, you will integrate energy procurement with market analysis. You will combine energy efficiency strategies with organizational change management. You will measure your savings, and use that information to find even more. You will build your organization’s knowledge of energy so your people can become the leaders.

Energy excellence is a culture, a way of thinking. In this culture, energy becomes a controllable expense, managed with a multi-faceted strategy. Procurement, operations, and equipment are all deployed to minimize both consumption and costs.

The journey to energy excellence means one step at a time, making energy management simply part of how you do business. Whether you are just starting to consider your company’s energy use or have been finding savings for many years, 360 Energy will help you get even better.

Services Energy management is a journey of continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence. Just as a successful business relies on more than just a good product, the journey to energy excellence is multi-faceted.

At 360 Energy we bring together all the elements you need to achieve excellence, and help you integrate them to maximize results.


Both public and private sector players are taking steps to address the world’s climate risks and energy security. Cap & Trade programs, carbon taxes, renewable energy, and energy storage technology are real and growing market forces. They present both challenges and great opportunities. Companies that look to the future are preparing now to leverage these opportunities, utilizing sustainable energy systems to manage carbon emissions, reduce business risks and remain resilient in changing times.

Sustainable energy solutions from 360 Energy will help you: succeed within new carbon-related regulations to minimize fees and create revenue opportunities; become more energy efficient, reduce overall consumption and generate revenue from verified emissions credits; assess how investments in renewable energy and battery storage may reduce your energy costs and improve supply reliability; embed energy efficiency in your organization’s culture to sustain savings and buffer against future price volatility.


Highly successful organizations manage energy supply in tandem with energy efficiency. Our well-proven strategies will give you an edge on energy procurement: create competition among suppliers for your business; match your purchased volumes with actual requirements; ease back consumption at strategic times; cycle efficiency gains back into your procurement decisions. As your consultant, 360 Energy works only for your best interests. We make no commission on the sales of electricity, natural gas, or the related transmission and transportation costs.


Did you know that the average energy bill contains over 20 separate pieces of data? Each piece is relevant to finding savings. Where do you start? How do you make sense of it all? We understand it is daunting. Our energy reporting and data management services will help you break it down, understand, and apply it successfully. 360 Energy can help you with tools and techniques to track utility data and find valuable insights.


Embedding energy management in your organizational culture will ensure savings and cost avoidance are sustained over time. It will help spread an ethic of continuous improvement to other areas of business management. All your departments will be engaged, employees will gain knowledge and understand how their role is relevant. Your workforce will have the appropriate skills, tools, mandate, and confidence to succeed. Like any important change management process, this won’t happen overnight. Success will come from deliberate, strategic and coordinated activity among a diversity of people over a period of time.


A truly effective energy audit will address not only the efficiency of your equipment and building envelope, but also how the equipment serves your operational needs. Comprehensive facility energy audits also advise you on how modifications to operational practices can help your business get more out of your existing equipment.

360 Energy offers energy audits and other technical support only to augment other areas of our service. We believe technical information alone will not enable your business to succeed in the long term.

We will selectively recommend and provide services that: identify the commercial energy audit scope that will best serve your needs; draw from our strong network of energy specialists to get the right expertise for your situation; assess energy audit recommendations and ensure they are clear to your team; help integrate energy audit outcomes into your overall energy strategy.

We service the Commercial, Industrial, Public and Greenhouse sectors...

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