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Everything CRE™ is a tech-enabled Commercial Real Estate Resource Platform by Monster Commercial. It is the #1 platform for finding & marketing the best services, solutions and expertise for Commercial Real Estate. Find Sustainability, Retrofit, Design, Wellness, Construction, Maintenance & Building Management Services, Solutions and Experts for your commercial Building, Office or Workplace. The Everything CRE™ ecosystem of Services and Solutions supports and promotes CRE Sustainability and Workplace Wellness solutions across the entire spectrum of CRE properties.

Delivered by the CRL Network Media, Digital Services Team, the Everything CRE™ Next Gen Platform is continually expanding, building a community of experts amid the exponentially growing demand for CRE's digital transformation, the movement to sustainability and greener buildings, tenant engagement and healthier workplaces. Everything CRE™ is dedicated to providing you a global perspective to the challenges facing the commercial real estate industry with a core view on CRE Sustainability and evolving Hybrid Workplace solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find and connect with the best CRE Experts, Services and Sustainability Solutions for your office, workspace, building or facility and, help you benefit from the rapid digital transformation effecting all sectors and asset classes of CRE.

Our Services

Search by keywords or, use our 100 plus, Everything CRE Categories that cover everything from planning, design, construction, financing to building occupancy, operations, maintenance and tenant solutions. With summary information, images and videos - it's easy to compare, research and find the right solutions and services contractors based on experience and help you with your needs or project!

The Everything CRE™ ecosystem of Services and Solutions features environmental sustainability products, solutions and services as CRE Sustainability Solutions the are key to the future of sustainable commercial real estate operations.

Everything CRE™ Digest features editorial topics that cover all aspects of how to finance & operate your business and related commercial space more efficiently on topics that include sustainable design and construction, energy use, space planning, building science and many other aspects of how to maximize your commercial real estate’s potential to benefit your business and maximize your ROI.

Our City Pages of commercial real estate services, solutions and experts profiles and information are growing (New US and Canadian Cities Launching in Q3, 2022) across Canada, the United States and, select countries for providers offering CRE sustainability solutions. For new market and services updates please visit and review our Insider Update news or; sign-up for our Everything CRE Update to be the first to receive news via monthly emails.

If you have editorial or content ideas, projects of interest that you would like to share with our Everything CRE Community; we would like to hear from you. Please Contact our Editor today!


“We strive to provide the CRE Industry with the most up-to-date information and the best of services,
solutions and professionals to help create buildings and spaces that offer high performance workplaces. The industry is shifting to energy efficiency, sustainable design and construction and now, more than ever, must offer workspaces and environments for occupant wellness.”

Michael Seebeck
Michael Seebeck
Founder, Monster Commercial | CRL Network Media Inc.

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