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About Arborus Consulting

Arborus Consulting works with stakeholders, architects and design engineers to develop the most appropriate energy strategies to suit the project. Whether it is the design of a new building, renovation to existing or generating energy on-site.

Projects can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels for Greenhouse Gas reduction and exposure to volatile energy costs.

Arborus will analyze, design, commission and manage the implementation of your strategies for low carbon energy systems.

Arborus brings over 30-years of design engineering, energy analysis and development consulting for high performance buildings and a renewable energy portfolio exceeding 100MW.

We have a mix of knowledge-based research & analysis with application engineering, covering both supply and demand of energy. We have developed strategies to significantly reduce greenhouse gases in energy supply and consumption.

Our energy modeling portfolio includes over 700 energy simulations, verification and technical assistance deliveries. We work with National Research Council and Natural Resources Canada in the advancement of building energy codes and have built a library of modeled technologies and strategies with quantified performance.

Arborus has assessed, designed, installed and verified over 100MW of renewable energy projects, including PV, solar thermal (water & air), small wind and biogas. We have direct experience working on the development of utility-scale solar. Arborus Consulting is a knowledge-based engineering consultancy delivering research, analysis and education as a compliment to the other side of our business; applications engineering.

Our broad proficiency in matters related to energy and buildings is demonstrated by the work we have done.


Existing Buildings Energy savings are available for all buildings. From simple control improvements to deep energy retrofits, energy savings and life cycle improvements deliver financial benefits and save greenhouse gases. Applying an integrated staged approach, building loads can be systematically reduced, resulting in smaller “right-sized” heating and cooling systems. The economics of energy retrofits are greatly improved when the integrated process is applied.

Our team of seasoned engineers have audited over 1million square feet of building area and engineered performance improvements for over twenty years. Our experience and knowledge in this field are well known. Arborus wrote the series of Major Energy Retrofit Guides for Natural Resources Canada.

Deep Green Retrofits present the greatest opportunity to optimize an existing building’s performance through an integrated, staged process of load reduction yielding smaller, more efficient heating & cooling systems. Arborus designs building performance upgrades, including energy, indoor air quality, technology replacement, controls & automation and integrated renewable energy systems.

Our Service Offerings

Energy Auditing & Benchmarking

System Performance Analysis & Trouble shooting


Standard Operating Procedures for high performance

Design engineering & commissioning for system upgrades & Building Automation Controls Integration of renewable energy

Measurement & Verification of energy conservation measures Incentive program navigation

New Buildings

Build your next building as a “High Performance Building” with low energy needs and carbon emissions. Smart design and operational strategies will help you achieve net-zero energy, net-positive energy, low carbon operations.

Performance Engineering addresses energy performance and indoor environmental quality at the pre-design, design and verification phases of the project.

We use energy modeling in a series of cost and performance optimization exercises to assist the developer in determining where their investments in energy conservation have the most impact. Furthermore, through comprehensive commissioning, the high performance is verified and the owner is equipped with the knowledge to maintain the building at optimal performance. Integrated design processes (IDP) offer design and project cost optimization through the use of energy simulations to test scenarios until the balance of cost and energy performance are optimized. The IDP follows a path of passive load reduction to reduce the size of the systems required to heat and cool the building. Our experience is well known.

Arborus has been engaged by Sustainable Buildings Canada to deliver Integrated Design Workshops for the Savings By Design program since 2013.

New buildings present the greatest potential for low energy consumption starting with a high performance envelope.

The Architecture 2030 Challenge charts our path to low carbon buildings to carbon-neutral buildings in the next 14 years. Our research has shown how you can reduce the heating demand by almost 60% and switch to off-peak electricity in Ontario and achieve a 90% reduction in greenhouse gases.

Service Offerings:

Energy Modeling

Integrated Design Workshops

Design & Cost Optimization

Green Building Certification

Commissioning Measurement & Verification

Commissioning Commissioning is the only method available to verify that a building performs according to the design specifications. Arborus commissioning experience started with mission-critical remote arctic-based military facilities in 1996 and is considered among Canada’s most experienced building and systems commissioning authorities, with certification from the Building Commissioning Association.

The company has acted as fundamental and enhanced-level commissioning agent on a number of high-level green building and hospital projects.

Arborus includes commissioning as a fundamental component of our project engineering services.

Savings By Design Program Arborus represents Sustainable Buildings Canada to deliver the Savings By Design Integrated Design workshops to developers and stakeholders in eastern Ontario. The workshops include a visioning session and full day Charrette designed to assist the developer and designers in achieving a minimum performance of 15% better than the Ontario Building Code. Prior to the Charrette, we prepare an energy model to set the baseline case for which to compare a series of energy efficiency measures.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is no longer a secondary consideration for building projects, it has become a fundamental factor at reducing the carbon impact of buildings and energy generation. It is also an essential component to Net-Zero or Net-Positive buildings.

Photovoltaics are simple solution that integrates well with flat or pitched roofs. Photovoltaics may also play an important role in the proliferation of car charging facilities. PV and storage systems are quickly moving from pilot to commercialization. Arborus has assessed, designed, installed and verified over 100MW of renewable energy projects, including PV, solar thermal (water & air), small wind and biogas. We have direct experience as a developer for utility-scale solar. We have developed systems in Jasper National Park, Thousand Islands National Park, St-Eugene Ontario, and remote schools in Argentina. Remote communities and facilities connected to diesel generators are prime candidates for integration of heat recovery systems and renewable energy systems to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Low-load generators paired with renewables delivers the greatest savings in fossil fuels and GHGs.

Our experience with power generation systems includes remote communities, remote government facilities, containerized generators, combined heat & power, Biogas-electricity generation and the introduction of renewable energy and storage. Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels to operate your buildings through integrated design strategies that include renewable energy sources and storage.

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  • Energy Efficiency for CRE
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  • Sustainability Consultants


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