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About Electromega

Electromega is a Canadian leader in innovative and high-performance technology solutions for the transportation and parking sectors, identifying and implementing intelligent solutions for vehicle parking issues. We also offer LED display and lighting

Electromega is a Canadian company founded in 1974. For over four decades Electromega has specialized in the manufacturing, distribution and integration of transportation-related products.

From its head office in Quebec City, Electromega works closely with its various Canadian branches in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Electromega informs, consults, trains and works with their clients in the implementation of technological solutions that are selected according to criteria that embrace efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with the latest trends and technologies, and the most cost-effective operating expenses.

Electromega's management team has a long tradition of experience and skills, but it also turns to its human resources -- rigorously selected and constantly evolving -- to continue to fulfill its commitment to providing the most reliable and efficient intelligent transportation solutions of tomorrow.

Electromega is equipped to actively participate in the planning, designing and strategizing phases of a project by responding to all requests with solid and proven solutions, products and technical services without hesitation.

Electromega is actively involved in the areas of dynamic and static transportation, including traffic control systems (vehicles, public transit, airports and railways), on- and off-street parking, intrusive and non-intrusive detection systems (inside and outside vehicles), data retrieval, road safety systems, dynamic and static LED message display systems, and LED lighting products.

Electromega's technical and services support team is recognized from coast to coast for its depth of experience and knowledge by the industry's top players. It is a reputation that has been carefully crafted through many years of service and quality of work that has continuously surpassed expectations.

Electromega only partners with competent and responsible manufacturers who share our company's values of uncompromising service. Electromega does not hesitate to offer its network of services and distribution to partners who invest in research and development, as this helps to build our well-deserved reputation as a Canadian leader in smart technologies related to transportation and parking issues and challenges.


Electromega offers a wide range of services and products to manage the parking of vehicles in urban centres, both on the street and in designated lots. We understand the needs of municipalities, as well as those of parking lot owners and operators. That is why we can offer integrated systems solutions that resolve issues facing the industry. Car owners need clear information about how long they can park their vehicles, how they can pay for parking and the procedure to follow. All of this must be done quickly and in a safe environment that is adapted to the mobility needs of the motorist. The parking lot owner, meanwhile, requires a secure information system that is efficient and reliable, while managing vehicle spaces in a centrally-controlled environment. It is therefore imperative to have in place independent and autonomous modules that can be modified for the exchange of information, if necessary.

Electromega is a leader in the industry because of its reputation for offering solutions that are adaptable, integrated and efficient, and which, in the long term, are cost-efficient and reliable.

LED Displays and Lighting:

Electromega offers a line of LED lighting and message display products and services suitable for a host of industries. LED lighting is the luminous source of the future, but it is available today, and that is why we offer products that are not only proven and tested, but are energy efficient and cost-effective for indoor and outdoor industrial applications, as well as for municipal and private applications.

We have the expertise and the qualifications necessary to recommend, create, design and sell quality lighting products. Message displays have used LED technology for a number of years. Today, this technology continues to evolve, with monochrome matrices morphing into colour matrices -- all of which meet the highest quality standards for the most rugged exterior and interior environments.

Whether the application requirements are for highways, information signs for travellers or residents, or advertising and marketing needs, our products and value-added solutions are able to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. Electromega is a leader in the industry because of its reputation for offering solutions that are adaptable, integrated and efficient, and which, in the long term, are cost-efficient and reliable.

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