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About EnOcean Inc.

EnOcean is the originator of patented energy harvesting wireless technology. EnOcean manufactures and markets energy harvesting wireless modules for use in building, smart home and industrial applications as well as for the Internet of Things.

The EnOcean products are based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low power electronics and robust radio technology in open standards like EnOcean, Zigbee and Bluetooth®. Leading product manufacturers have been relying on EnOcean wireless modules for their system solutions for the past 15 years and have installed the products in several hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.

The self-powered Internet of Things

The EnOcean modules and Easyfit products use the energy harvesting principle, in which energy is obtained from the surroundings, to supply self-powered wireless sensor networks. The modules are based on miniaturized energy converters that convert motion, light or temperature differences into electrical energy. Together with an efficient energy management system, the energy harvesting technology facilitates communication between maintenance-free IoT devices based on open wireless standards, such as EnOcean, Zigbee and Bluetooth. The solutions are used in building automation, smart homes, LED lighting control systems as well as industrial applications.

Networked devices form the basis of the Internet of Things. They process large volumes of sensor data to make our everyday lives easier, safer and more comfortable. EnOcean´s modules are a key component of this extensive network: self-powered, wireless sensors that provide reliable sensor data for IoT systems.

Building Automation Self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls with EnOcean technology for energy-efficient, comfortable and secure buildings EnOcean-based devices can flexibly be placed wherever they deliver most accurate data.

This results in significant energy savings at low installation cost – up to 40 percent. Energy harvesting wireless sensor networks from EnOcean are the key to "intelligent green buildings" Building automation reduces energy consumption and operating costs.Furthermore, it increases security and comfort.

Wireless technology is essential to a flexible, efficient building automation at minimized installation time and system cost. Battery-less devices eliminate the need to monitor, replace and dispose of batteries. This saves maintenance cost and resources, particularly in large systems. The only Energy Harvesting Wireless Standard for Building Automation

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