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Forest Contracting Group is a diversified contracting company with over 20 years of experience providing new construction services and repair services for all types of concrete, asphalt work, building restoration, excavating and site preparation work

Forest Contracting Group is a diversified contracting company providing new construction services and repair services for all types of concrete, asphalt work, building restoration, excavating, site preparation work and seasonal work. With our own asphalt plant we service both large and small projects across Southern Ontario.We are a company that stands on integrity with over 20 years of experience in superior quality asphalt services led by performance-driven results. We are a company with a mission to connect people to strong foundations executed through trust.New Construction:There is a series of steps to be taken in the construction of new pavement. From supplying and compacting the right granular and asphalt mixes for the various construction applications to creating a sub-base, each step is vital to the life expectancy of any type of asphalt surface. Forest Contractors has the quality tools required to create a strong surface, along with heavy compaction equipment and rubber break rollers to make a superior finish.Resurfacing Projects:In the case of aged parking areas, the existing asphalt base is often still stable. In these situations, an asphalt resurfacing using the finest asphalt products will not only increase its life expectancy but will also increase its thickness. Landowners will reduce their costs significantly by simply keeping their asphalts existing base and having it resurfaced, rather than investing in entirely new asphalt.Catch Basin/Manholes:As catch basins and manholes are located in the low area of any asphalt surface, they require regular maintenance to ensure water continues to flow easily over them. Forest Contractors uses precast asphalt rings to adjust grade heights and to replace the brick and mortar that may have deteriorated due to erosion. A sign of deterioration is cracked and/or webbed asphalt at the surface of these catch basins or manholes. When these red flags arise, Forest Contractors' efficient team is able to fix the problem quickly, efficiently, and with unmatched expertise.Patch Repairs:We consider water to be the most destructive element to pavement. Water leaks into the pavement’s base and sub-base layers through cracks in the surface. It is crucial to prevent this from happening in order to preserve and extend the life of your pavement, whether it is for a residential driveway, a commercial or business parking lot, a road or a pathway.Pavement Markings:The lines and markings on our roads are an everyday sight we often take for granted. Imagine the chaos if the streets, highways, and parking lots did not have them. Forest Contractors understands the significance of these lines and markings, and the importance of making them clear and visible to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Our team follows all municipal bylaws and uses the best technology and products, ensuring that the highest levels of safety and quality standards are met.Pathways:Using asphalt for pathways is an economically sound and beautiful alternative to traditional paving. Asphalt paving creates a smooth, stunning surface for walkways, trails and areas with light vehicle traffic. At Forest Contractors, we install our pathways with a machine that is level to the surface in order to enhance the quality and esthetic of the pavement. From municipal parks to the pathways running through a residential garden, asphalt creates a strong and attractive foundation for various activities.Pothole Repair:Large cracks and potholes in the pavement are notorious disturbances across towns and cities, especially after harsh seasons. Forest Contractors mends these issues quickly, expertly and efficiently, using top products and applying a thorough understanding to fill these wide cracks or holes. When an area has undergone extensive damage, our team may have to saw-cut and fill it. Regardless of the route taken to solve the problem, Forest Contractors ensures roadways are left safer, smoother and more esthetically sound.Concrete Work And Building RestorationCaulking:Forest Contractors uses the finest equipment and the most precise skill to seal edges so that they are both airtight and watertight, and can retain heat and mitigate noise. We are experts in selecting materials that are most compatible together and that can guarantee the longest-lasting protection.Concrete Repair:Interior deterioration of surfaces often occurs from the weight of heavy equipment and/or high traffic. At Forest Contractors, we perform seamless concrete repairs and provide controlled joint repairs before deterioration damage has a chance to escalate or spread.Waterproofing:Waterproofing and techniques of preventing water penetration are used to control the deterioration of structures, alter service or exposure conditions, alter electrochemical behaviour, install barriers, and/or to stop water infiltration. Waterproofing and coating techniques prevent water from entering or exiting a structure while prevention techniques extend the time duration between maintenance cycles. Forest Contractors can evaluate structures’ needs in order to choose the appropriate techniques for each particular situation.Site ServicingCatch basins, manholes, weeping tiles and culverts are all common requirements of ensuring the proper drainage of some surfaces. The team of experts at Forest Contractors conducts all types of installations to ensure the proper drainage of constructed surfaces. We also carry out a variety of repair services for drainage systems, whether it is for commercial or other various properties.

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