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Waterdown, Ontario, Canada
Property and Landscape Maintenance

About Gelderman Landscape and Property Maintenance

Because you can’t afford to have your landscape seen as anything but impressive, and you certainly can’t afford the time to deal with it when it’s not. For us, that means every garden bed, every lawn and every paved area has to be looked after.

CARING IS IN OUR NATURE.If we were to tell you that Gelderman provides the best service around, what would you think? Our guess is that your eyes would glaze over and you wouldn’t really bother to listen much further. What if we added that we're a hassle-free, reliable and professional service? Getting better, perhaps, but probably still not ringing true. That’s okay. We understand – because we know why.Everyone talks about service these days, so much so that it’s sort of lost all its meaning. Gone are the days where a landscaper can say, “We offer great service and 100% customer satisfaction.” Why? Because everyone says that, and many don’t deliver. To us, that’s unacceptable. So as we work to bring beauty to the urban landscape of Southern Ontario, we aim to change that.WE'VE BEEN THERE.Over the years, we’ve met many people frustrated by their experiences with past contractors. People tired of the over-promise, under-deliver world we live in. After all, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a business that will consistently deliver quality work AND great service – one that will stand behind its work, make valuable recommendations, communicate well and often, and deliver what is promised.We interpret that to mean you’re looking for a business made up of experienced people that really care about YOU. That’s a tall order, we know. But we feel up to the task, because caring is in our nature.So at Gelderman, our promise is to care for you AND your property. It begins and ends here for us because we know it’s what matters most. Gelderman is big on attention to detail, but that flows from our caring approach – because everything else falls into place when someone actually cares. We know this from experience - we’ve built a solid company on that very philosophy. Dependable care for people and their properties is our promise and we invite you to hold us to it.

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  • Snow Removal and Winter Property Maintenance


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