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Roofing, Waterproofing and Corrosion Protection
Concord, Ontario, Canada
Roof Maintenance and Repair

About ICC Global Infrastructure

ICC is the premier protective coatings applicator for critical infrastructure rehabilitation. Our projects are the combination of engineered elastomeric products and bonding tech with extensive experience in surface prep and product applications.

We have over 30 years of experience in the application of asset life extension coatings and linings. What enables ICC to be the best performing protective coatings applicator?

Our success lies in the fact that we have specialists to support and execute each phase of the coatings project. Ultimate Bonding, Flawless Coating Our Planning Head office personnel at Infrastructure Coatings Corp. provide overall guidance for a project including Safety, Compliance, Estimating, Tendering, Project Management and QA/QC.

Our People

ICC’s operations crews are divided into Surface Preparation and Coatings crews. Each crew is highly trained in their field and have the experience to enable them to provide the best solution in the most cost-efficient manner.

ur Products

All ICC coatings products are engineered and supplied by some of the largest and most advanced protective coatings manufacturers in the world. They are constantly in the background of our projects providing exacting engineering advice for difficult applications. Putting these three components together allows Infrastructure Coatings Corp. to give our clients lasting, high-performance protective coatings. We serve the Municipal, Industrial, Commercial, Food Processing and Military and Defence industries.

Our Services include:

Commercial Roofing Repair

Whether your old roof is a tar and gravel or a metal roof, re-roofing with the ICC spray foam/polyurea system is your best solution to make your roof watertight and insulated.

Our system is completed in 3 Easy Steps:

Clean the existing roof (water blast or vacuum)

Spray roofing foam over the entire roof

Spray polyurea topcoat over spray foam

Why are so many building owners choosing our re-roofing system?

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Seamless

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Watertight

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Long Lasting

Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs Eliminate Flashing leaks

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs can Eliminate Troublesome Ponding Water

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Lightweight and are Excellent Roof Insulation

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs have the Highest “R” Value Foam Roof Insulation is Chemically Stable

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs Minimize Thermal Shock

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs have Great Versatility

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Rigid

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Flexible

Polyurea/Foam Roofs have Little Disruption to Building Owner

Spray Polyurea/Foam Roofs are Easy to Maintain

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is a very real problem for many industries. Left untreated it can have catastrophic effects. There are many different types of corrosion and the protection coatings changes according to the conditions.


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  • Waterproofing and Corrosion Protective Coatings


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