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Our past success is predicated on our unique “hands on approach” and unparalleled teamwork. We, at Magil Construction, don’t just design factories or build high-rise complexes. With offices across Canada we can manage any project size or scope.

Our parent company, Fayolle Canada, recently announced a strategic corporate reshuffling of its construction companies Alta, OCI & McKay-Cocker – divisions formerly members of the MC Group. The organizational change was completed to firmly unify all our companies across the country under one name: Magil Construction.

Over the past few years, our leadership teams – led by Owen Whelan, Jim Laurence and myself – have actively pursued and enacted strategies to further improve our positioning in the geographical markets in which we operate.

Our coast to coast presence, our breadth of services, and our depth of expertise, will only further solidify our standing as a mainstay contractor throughout the country and abroad. Services Providing outstanding service starts with awareness. Listen, understand and respond with due diligence; these are the sincere actions leading to excellent service. A team that takes to heart the interests and expectations of our clients, that's who we are.

Everyone on our team is committed to taking measures to outdo themselves, to support all project partners and to encourage respect and courtesy in all forms of communications. Regardless of the contractual approach, we remain at the service of our clients. Our qualified team continually provides this proven framework, foresight and inspiration to meet all challenges with our clients, and for our clients To achieve our goals, we foster open collaboration and communication with all of our partners. We recognize that every client has unique requirements and our team is highly cognizant of and responsive to this reality. We provide relevant reporting and ensure that the client is being given timely and courteous service. Our response will range from delivering customized report to a trip overseas to ensure we understand your priorities and processes.

Our corporate structure is geared towards efficient project delivery and innovation. Our project teams have all the tools they require to make critical decisions and provide the information that you need. When additional tools and resources are required to ensure success, they will be dedicated immediately, our depth in talented staff allows for this.

To meet its commitment to excellence, Magil Construction has gathered a proactive and dynamic team comprised mainly of engineers and architects, each with exceptionally diverse and relevant experience. Our business is our world. Our organizational culture has a family tone and accordingly our values are based on respect and ethical conduct. Our corporate office provides friendly workspaces, encourages exchanges and fosters a synergy in which each employee derives pride in their work. Furthermore, our flexible hierarchy facilitates direct communication with superiors and integrates leaders in the core of all projects. Each team member has the skills and support systems to do their utmost to perform their work to the highest standards.


Quality – built from a culture of execution and excellence - is core to our corporate vision and is ingrained in all our policies. We are relentless in striving to maintain the highest level of quality in every task undertaken by our most valued asset: our people. As such, we are driven by our people who believe that our clients deserve to have their projects delivered with an unparalleled level of quality. Whether be a domestic or an international project, Magil Construction seeks a detailed understanding of the value targeted as a first step. From then on, not only do we consistently track and respect all project goals, we will stop at nothing to ensure the continued long-term satisfaction of our clients.

Leaders in LEED Magil Construction has been dedicated to building green for a long time. Our teams are proud to have complete the first LEED GOLD facility in South Western Ontario, the Sisters of St. Joseph Residence in London. We were also the pioneers in building the first LEED residential complex in Quebec and have completed LEED projects in Vancouver as well.

These success stories have helped us strengthen our reputation as we continue to build LEED registered and designated buildings throughout the country. We have also encouraged our employee's to continue their education through LEED AP designations and LEED Green Associate. Our certified staff numbers continue to grow ranging from site staff to project management to estimating. We also support employees active in the education of LEED to college students and currently have a senior project manager instructing LEED construction Principles in various academic institutions across the country.

As we move further into the future, Magil Construction attempts to evaluate all of our projects to minimize the environmental impact that we will have during construction. Also, when in Construction Management and Design-Build situations, our preconstruction team will provide lifecycle costing and alternative evaluations for our clients to help educate and evaluate our clients on all the options that may be available to them given their timing, budget, scope and quality needs.

Building Information Modeling Magil Construction is continuously investing in technologies to further optimize interdisciplinary collaboration and project execution. These integrated tools enhance the effectiveness of our contribution both at the pre-construction (design) and construction stages. Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies are part of our operations, from cost estimating to delivery of the final "as built" model. Our specialized resources namely perform BIM Coordination within integrated design teams and excel in the use of BIM technologies for construction.

One of our specialties is 4D simulation or Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to establish project sequencing and progress over time within the 3D model. We also refine our site planning and logistics approach using software that links the model to our schedule. On site, we implement mobile solutions that allow for very precise work tracking, namely to identify, communicate and track deficiency corrections. We leverages these technologies to tangibly benefit your project.

This allows us to:

•Further optimise project constructability

Identify and correct potential gaps more precisely and proactively

•Clearly illustrate and share our vision of the project’s construction and phasing

•Obtain, by means of scanning, an exact representation of your facility before, during and after the project, and

•Perform highly accurate on-site monitoring using specialized tools.

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