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Pride Signs is a proven leader in the sign industry with a 25-year history of success derived from a stringent focus on providing organizations with a single-source sign solution.

Signage is the most essential marketing tool that must communicate a highly visible and positive impression.

Our skilled team is experienced in both creating new concepts and working from corporate standards to produce a complete range of signs which include: Pylon and Ground Signs Channel Letters Awnings Fascia Boxes Custom Shaped Signs Our fully appointed production facility in Cambridge, Ontario was selected to support the capacity of our long-term business development goals and for its strategic location in the heart of Canada’s strongest economic centre.

History From our modest roots which began in 1986, we have grown into a leading Canadian manufacturer, proficient at executing multi-faceted sign programs whether they are regional, national or international.

Twenty-five years in the sign industry has fortified our team with invaluable experience and knowledge. In addition, our President’s (owner) hands-on approach has ensured that knowledge is utilized to produce top-quality signs that make sense for their intended application and location. The network of relationships that have been developed over the years provides the Pride Team with a vast stable of contacts and specialists that assist us in the successful completion of our clients’ projects – important contacts that make it possible to obtain permits, install complicated bases, procure specialized illumination, source unique materials or develop signs with unusual requirements.

We’ve worked hard over the years to nurture and maintain Strong Partnerships. Social Responsibility Our team is committed to the use of environmental principals in our product development and business operations. It is our mandate to reduce our carbon footprint and increase practices of Green Initiatives. We strive to provide our valued employees with a safe and healthy work environment.

Our belief in the importance of Health and Safety has led to our participation on various safety boards and our commitment to act as a ‘Safety Mentor Company’ for other organizations. Product Innovation A focus on Research and Development ensures we remain on the Leading Edge of our industry.

We recently developed a Green Solution for the illumination of Ground and Pylon signs, using a Hybrid Wind and Solar Power self-contained energy system which drives LED energy efficient lights. With an eye on economical solutions for our clients, we have also been a strong proponent of Electronic Message Centres (EMC) as a good investment of marketing dollars. Advancements in today’s technologies have decreased the exposure to the general public through traditional channels of advertising.

Personal entertainment devices have challenged all forms of advertisement media including print, radio and television.

In today’s environment, EMCs make sense. Sustainability Overview We are committed to the use of environmental principals in our product development and business operations. Through the use of low-energy components, environmentally friendly materials and industry leading recycling standards, Pride Signs is an active proponent to Go Green.

Innovation is key to our success and has played a major role in our ability to offer more environmentally friendly solutions. We are experts in the latest use of LED technology, which is a recognized component of sustainable architecture, and have used this technology to develop our Long Life Program and Retro-Fit Program.

This program drastically reduces energy consumption, allowing our clients to make a significant contribution to sustainability. Network of Installation Partners Twenty-five years in the industry has afforded Pride Signs the opportunity to build strong relationships with Installation Experts and, with our network of partners growing each year, we have formed quality partnerships around the globe. Individual companies are screened on an ongoing basis to ensure they possess the proper equipment and know-how to install any of our products.

Our in-house team of Installation Co-ordinators works closely with our Install Partners to ensure the installation of the sign goes smoothly and is on time. Providing our partners with custom field kits, detailed structural drawings and specific instructions are all key ingredients to our successful recipe.

Becoming an Installation Partner If you are interested in becoming an Install Partner, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We Have a Leasing Option Available: Here at Pride Signs we offer our clients more choices and leasing is an option we make available to your organization.

Some of the reasons you may want to consider leasing are: You may want to conserve cash and lines of credit for other budgetary considerations A lease enables you to write this purchase off as a monthly expense

The GST and PST is paid over the term of the lease; you do not pay these taxes in full up front Request a Leasing Quote We offer a simple step-by-step procedure which allows you to request a leasing quote.

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