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Realtech provides both advisory services/brokerage and direct lending services across Western Canada encompassing all asset classes.

Advisory Services/BrokerageWhere Realtech’s own funds are not the best solution for our borrower clients, we use our longstanding relationships with third party institutional and private lenders to arrange the most competitive financing available. Our structured debt professionals have decades of experience in arranging loans on all real estate asset classes, with loans completed that range in size from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. In many cases these loans involve lender syndications which are organized and arranged by Realtech professionals. Loan types include:Term loansConstruction loansAcquisition loansPortfolio loansLand/pre-development loansWhen appropriate, Realtech also facilitates the financing process by adding other elements to the capital stack including arranging:Deposit Protection Insurance facilitiesThird Party Guarantees, andEquity Joint VenturesDirect LendingRealtech’s lending activities focus on mortgage loans that are not readily available from the institutional lending community. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our borrowers’ needs with flexible, creative and proactive debt solutions. Our highly streamlined and efficient loan approval and documentation process minimizes the stress and uncertainty often associated with loan fundings. While exceptions do occur, loan terms are usually from 1-3 years and amounts generally range from $2-20 million.High ratio loansSecond mortgagesMezzanine construction financingLand acquisition/pre-development loansFast fundings

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