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Trane is a leading provider of commercial HVAC equipment, service, building automation controls, industrial refrigeration solutions, energy management solutions consulting, installation, Maintenance and parts in Nova Scotia.

Trane is a leading provider of commercial HVAC equipment, service, building controls and parts in Nova Scotia. We have the tools, products, services and experience to improve the life of your building and the people who live and work within it.

We deliver performance, innovation, commitment and knowledge at every turn to bring productivity and profitability to the customers we serve. Intelligent Services and Energy


Trane works with you to assess building data and develop a plan that fits your needs. Trane building professionals use their expertise and innovative technology to provide targeted recommendations to positively impact your business, so you can focus on what you do best. The result is a complete energy management solution tailored to your needs to deliver improved building performance, sustainable operations and reduced operating costs. Intelligent Services provides a range of options that are scalable to your specific needs and budget.

With ongoing support and expertise from Trane building professionals each step of the way, you can reach your building’s potential in energy efficiency, reliability and occupant comfort. Building Performance Analyzes data and equipment behavior in the context of the overall system to see what’s happening in your building, unleashing the power of building data to uncover hidden information and opportunities for improvement. With ongoing analysis and recommended actions for improvement from Trane building professionals and experienced energy engineers, you get proactive, data-driven insights and solutions to help keep your building running optimally. A system-wide initial assessment provides a picture of where your building is today. Based on the assessment, Trane building professionals provide recommendations for improvements that can be made and where you building can better meet your business goals.

Data transformed into intelligence and support from Trane helps you easily identify inefficient HVAC systems or subsystems, reduce operational costs and energy consumption, and ensure continued efficient performance and additional gains with ongoing analysis.

Energy Performance A cloud-based building energy management system (BEMS) service designed to uncover energy waste in every corner of your building. By pairing our advanced technology with the extensive expertise of Trane building professionals, we can help you make smarter, cost-effective decisions about the way you manage and maintain your building. Building energy data is aggregated using powerful visualizations and robust analytics that uncover hidden savings opportunities. Then ongoing assessments by Trane energy engineers provide Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) recommendations to continuously improve energy performance.

Real-time energy monitoring helps drive down energy costs by discerning where and when energy is being used, so you can spot anomalies, prioritize building equipment issues and implement schedule changes based on budgetary impact. Advanced analytics let you easily track metrics and make decisions based on that information. Ongoing assessment and advisory services from Trane building professionals help keep your building on track, for continuous improvement.

Energy Assessment Identifies how your building uses energy, providing a baseline of building performance that shows the potential for improvement. And that’s only the beginning. Trane building professionals utilize advanced tools to visualize and measure your building’s energy profile in a way that transforms data into meaningful information, to help you identify and monetize impactful energy projects for sustained results. Those same tools provide information to help you validate and track the impact of your actions.

Trane building professionals utilize advanced tools that transform building data into easy-to-understand information, and they provide ongoing support and expertise.

Energy Assessment with Trane uses tools to transform data transform data generated by building meters and submeters into detailed, 3-D optical energy reports and help you easily see ineffective use of energy to fix it quickly. You can also visualize building energy use and compare it to peer buildings and its own past performance, to uncover opportunities for better efficiency.

Active Monitoring Provides 24/7 support and continuous monitoring of building systems, to proactively detect issues and keep critical systems up and running. Trane building professionals analyze what each alarm means, to resolve issues quickly or initiate action, saving you time and money. Quickly detect failures in your building with round-the-clock monitoring from the Trane Intelligent Services center, where Trane building professionals provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Beyond alarm detection, Trane building professionals with deep industry expertise analyze each incoming alarm and initiate action to resolve the issue, to maintain efficiency and performance.

The ability to address some problems remotely saves time and money in on-site service calls and reduces the amount of time your staff spends detecting and fixing issues. Building Services: When it comes to managing energy and operational costs, businesses and organizations have never been more challenged than they are today. Because the cost of energy is likely to continue to rise, even improvements small or large, in efficiency, can add up to significant budgetary savings over time. That’s why Trane Building Services provides a wide range of offerings that enable you to enjoy the highest levels of performance from the systems in your facility.

Whether you’re installing new equipment, maintaining an existing system or completely upgrading your infrastructure, Trane Building Services can provide exactly the expertise you need. Industrial Refrigeration: Industrial Refrigeration by Trane The total solution for precision environmental control. Your Trane Industrial Refrigeration team of experts designs, implements, supports and maintains a solution that lets you provide the fresh, safe products your customers demand every day.

Your custom Trane Industrial Refrigeration solution addresses and accommodates your exact needs. Exceptional Trane technology, performance and support Trane also stands behind its solutions with an established North American network of refrigeration service technicians available 24/7. Plus, your entire Trane Industrial Refrigeration solution is backed by Trane’s 45-year history of proven Industrial Refrigeration success.

One Contact, One Company, Many Solutions High-efficiency Trane solutions, intelligent system design, consistent system support and on-call system maintenance let you maintain critical temperatures in your facilities.

With coverage throughout North America and multi-site capabilities, Trane Industrial Refrigeration makes precision environmental control easy. Whether you’re building new facilities or upgrading your existing refrigeration system, Trane Industrial Refrigeration is your total solution.

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