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New York's Largest Privately Owned Real Estate Firm.
Rudin's hands-on approach to developing and managing buildings has made them one of New Yorks's largest and most prestigious real estate firms and developers.

ID: 628

Consulting and Process Technology for CRE Operations
Open Box is a global software development consultancy focused on the Real Estate industry. With many years' experience, delivering innovative commercial real estate…

ID: 320

Commercial Financing Services
Founded in 2001, Eastern Union is a leading national commercial mortgage brokerage company that has closed $12 billion in real estate transactions over the past three…

ID: 411

Integrated Modular Construction
FullStack Modular: We’re the first fully integrated modular solution for design, manufacturing, and construction.Higher quality. Cost and time predictability. Safer.…

ID: 413

Soundproof Office Phone Booths
Rethinking the modern workplace through affordable, sustainable and flexible solutions that make more room for people at work. Soundproof phone booths and meeting room…

ID: 453

Office Solutions
Poppin is designed to be the effortless one-stop solution for your entire workspace. Every product mixes, matches, stacks, and scales to create a custom system based on…

ID: 454

Workspace Optimization
At Serraview, our purpose is to empower companies with a workplace management solution designed to optimize space utilization and create efficient and effective…

ID: 466

Rethinking with Offsite Modular Construction
iBUILT is an offsite modular construction company reimagining what a building is, how it is designed and constructed, and how it is managed post construction. We solve the…

ID: 467

Making Buildings Work | Smart Building Technology
Unlock the full potential of your buildings and agile workspaces. Spacewell’s unique technology layer – combining IWMS software, Building Information Modeling (BIM),…

ID: 475

Solar Energy and Storage Solutions
Safari Energy provides solar solutions nationwide, whether you’re looking to build a commercial solar project, sell a solar project or maintain one.

ID: 479

Office and Building Management Software
OfficeSpace is the platform of choice for companies trying to manage all the current disruption in the workplace. It simplifies everything from space management and social…

ID: 505

Custom Aquariums + Water Features
Okeanos is a custom aquarium and pond design firm specializing in the integration of the beauty of the world’s oceans with modern day interior design.

ID: 511

Making Flexible Workspaces Work
Essensys partners with the world’s most ambitious flexible workspace brands and landlords. We are the global technology leader making flexible workspaces work.

ID: 517