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Zahner provides exemplary craftsmanship in everything they undertake, and are seriously and extremely committed to Architecture, with a capital A.

History Since 1897 and across four generations, the family-owned business of A. Zahner Company produced highly crafted architectural metalwork for artists and architects around the globe. Throughout the company's history, employees at Zahner have developed advanced metal surfaces and systems for both functional and ornamental architectural forms.


The company was founded in 1897 by Andrew Zahner. The grandson of Swiss-German ancestry, his family emigrated to America in the late 1850s. They arrived in New Orleans and traveled north to Louisville, Kentucky and eventually purchased a small farmstead in southern Indiana. Andrew Zahner was born here in 1871. A few years later, his father Maximillian purchased a farm in Shawnee, Kansas and moved his family again to the Kansas City greater area. As a young man, Andrew Zahner would begin his career in the late 1880s by traveling south to the industrial city of Joplin, Missouri. At the time, Joplin was a boom town, experiencing significant growth from the zinc and lead mines in the area. For many years during the late 19th century, Joplin was considered the zinc and lead capital of the world. It was there that Andrew started his first company, Eagle Cornice Works. He began working on metal cornices on significant buildings in the booming towns of western Missouri and eastern Kansas. Metal was the ‘new’ material of choice for prestigious buildings of these small towns. Cornices were the decorative features clad in metal, usually tin coated steel, hot dipped galvanized steel or copper. In 1897, he brought this expertise back up to Kansas City and it was here that he established the A.

Zahner Sheet Metal Company. The firm produced and installed tin and copper roofing, decorative cornices, and metal skylights for various buildings around the Kansas City region. Over the years, the firm would transform in many ways, working with new metals, developing new technologies, and exploring the unknown. Note: Andrew’s brother, William, also had a very successful metal company called Zahner Metal Sash and Door Company. Located in the Kansas City area, for a time it would become one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen hardware in America.


Andrew Zahner was instrumental in promoting the Sheet Metal Industry. His firm was a union employer from the beginning and understood the importance of a trained workforce. Thousands of union employees, as well as their sons and daughters, have worked for the company over the past century. Andrew Zahner was a founding member of the Sheet Metal Association and added his knowledge of metal work to the development of instruction on the use of metals in architecture.


Zahner has been producing unique and decorative architectural since the company's founding in 1897. ZEPPS stands for Zahner Engineered Profile Panel System, and was developed to enable architects to design and build imaginative forms with ease. The Antoine Predock-designed Museum of Science and Industry was the impetus which led to the research and development for the system. The first iteration of ZEPPS was used during Frank Gehry's Experience Music Project, in Seattle, Washington. Innovative Technology Zahner has developed a wide-range of systems and capabilities which reflect the desires of artists, designers, and architects throughout our built environment.

Facade Systems CUSTOM FACADE & WALL SYSTEMS Wall systems for both interior and exterior walls. Zahner provides a variety of facade systems on a custom basis. ZEPPS Systems BUILD COMPLEX FORMS, SIMPLY ZEPPS is a patented prefab building system to streamline complex structural forms. Zahner provides the system as a comprehensive solution, inclusive of the design-engineering, manufacturing and installation. ZEPPS provides artists and designers with the capability to create any sculptural form. The patented system is developed by the Zahner engineering and manufacturing team, and is frequently used to create unique building shapes, sculpture, custom canopies. When used in architecture, ZEPPS forms can be developed to contain a complete wall system. This can include the exterior skin, waterproofing membrane, vapor barrier, structure, MEP, insulation, and interior wall substrate. By offering this as a complete system, designers can confidently develop curving architecture without worrying about how other trades will integrate into a unique curvilinear system. ZEPPS: Modular Manufacturing ZEPPS provides a modular custom prefabricated product. As such, the physical parts are entirely derived from digitally defined geometries. Zahner engineers translate these surface geometries into parametric parts. When assembled, the large panel elements interlock and make up a continuous surface. There is no other system quite like it. The parametric relationships take in the necessary strength of the individual components that make up the finish panel. Connections back to the main structure are clearly defined and minimized for ease and speed of installation. As a modular surfacing system, the vapor, water and thermal barriers can be incorporated into the panels. Allowances for sprinkler, and MEP systems can be incorporated into the systems by including them in the parametric defined surface. CREATIONS CloudWall®


CloudWall is a product system offered by Zahner to give designers a simple way to create facades and more. CloudWall provides a custom fin-based profile for facades, ceilings, fences, low-barriers and other applications.


Perforated Metal


Perforated metal has a long history in industrial use, but a fairly recent history in architectural applications. Zahner has been at the forefront of custom perforated metal since the earliest projects were made in the twentieth century. Our Locations Zahner has two permanent facilities in Missouri and Texas. In addition to these permanent manufacturing facilities, the company has set up temporary assembly and installation facilities for large projects.

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